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Sample Proposals

School Age Child Care Program
Dr. Gary Frye shares this successful $25,000 proposal with the SchoolGrants community. Funds awarded for this program provided an acceleration program for students in after-school and summer settings, provided additional methods for students to increase their English Language Arts skills, and integrated with other grants to create a program to help at-risk students succeed academically.

[Please note:  Gary sent us a hard-copy of this proposal.  It has been replicated it to make it available to you.  Please note that  the actual forms provided by the grantor were not available.]

Download this proposal in Adobe PDF format by clicking on the link below:

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Texas Commission of the Arts Proposals
Dr. Gary Frye shares these successful $5,000 proposals with the SchoolGrants community. The elementary program provides equipment for a mobile art center, art supplies, and visits from artists. The junior high program allowed the purchase of art supplies to continue a campus sculpture program.

[Please note:  Gary sent hard-copies of these proposals.  Content has been duplicated but the actual grantor forms were not available.]

Download the proposals in PDF format by clicking on the links below:

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Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant
Dr. Jim Boyd contributed this grant proposal that was submitted to Georgia's Department of Education.  The program covered an integrated approach to technology in the classroom at an elementary and middle school. The proposal also included a professional development component.

This application is approximately 12 pages in length (double-spaced). You may download the entire document in PDF format by clicking here.  

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Texas Reading Academy Grant

Dr. Gary Frye contributed these two Texas Reading Academy Grant proposals. The purpose of the Texas Reading Initiative is to assist schools as they strive to meet the Governor's challenge of having all children reading at or above grade level by the end of their grade and remaining on or above grade level throughout the remainder of their school career.

The goal of Texas Reading Academies (Grades 6-10) is to support this challenge for identified struggling readers in grades 6-10 by:

a) providing funding for effective instruction scientifically based on reading research and

b) enabling students through direct instructional programs to accelerate to grade level or beyond in the most expedient and effective ways possible.

Download proposals in PDF formatting by clicking on the links below:

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School Resource Officer Program
Don Davis, formerly with Gooding School District in Gooding, Idaho, shares this proposal with us.  This grant funds a School Resource Officer for his district and is made through the Idaho State Police.  Thanks for your contributions and your willingness to share with your colleagues, Don!
Download proposal in PDF formatting by clicking on the link below:
Don is a frequent contributor of successful grant proposals. He can help your school district obtain grant funding - by assisting you with every step of the process from training to planning to proposal preparation. Check out his Web site for more information!

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SchoolGrants: Winning Mini-Grant Proposals
In 2001, SchoolGrants offered a mini-grant competition to subscribers to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter and/or purchasers of the SchoolGrants Let's Write a Grant CD. Two awards were made - one for $1,000 and a second for $500.

There were very few guidelines associated with the opportunity because of the diverse needs of the student populations represented by those eligible to apply. Any project that met the described student needs was acceptable.

The two winners of the competition were Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina and St. Joseph Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee. You may download the winning proposals, along with the RFP to which they responded, in PDF format by clicking on the links below:

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Sample School Improvement Plan
Dr. Gary Frye has shared many of the successful proposals with the SchoolGrants community. He continues his sharing by allowing us to post School Improvement plans as well as a series of PowerPoint presentations. All schools that receive Title I, Part A funding are required to have school and district improvement plans.
Click on the links below to access PDF documents:




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