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Sample Proposals

Do you need grant writing assistance?

SchoolGrants can help! Contact Donna Fernandez for more information. Over $12 million in funding has been secured through state and federal grants and e-rate programs for charter schools and school districts in the last three years. 

Together, we can become part of a winning team!

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant
Two different 21st Century Community Learning Center grants have been shared with SchoolGrants. Both of these applications were sent to the U.S. Department of Education. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, this program is administered by the individual states. At this time, no state-funded applications have been shared with SchoolGrants.

Rick Riddell, project director of The Learning Zone at Sun View School, has generously contributed his successful proposal for a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21 CCLC) grant. The 21 CCLC opportunity was offered through the U.S. Department of Education at the time this proposal was funded.  

If you'd like to talk to Rick about his project, The Learning Zone, you may contact him at 714-847-9643,  ext. 3421.  

Federal grant applications are lengthy. Rick's proposal is not duplicated below but is available for download in PDF format:

Don Davis is a former teacher in Gooding School District, a small district in Gooding, Idaho. The demographics of his district are as follows:  There are 1,387 students Pre,K-12.  Gooding County covers 733 square miles with a total population of 13,335.  Student population of 83% Caucasian and 17% Hispanic.  The poverty level statewide is 16.5% and Gooding County rate is 19.8%.

Don has generously shared his successful 21st Century Community Learning Center (21 CCLC) proposal with us - including notes in various sections of the proposal highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and possible unanswered questions. 

Don applied for 21 CCLC funds unsuccessfully twice before being awarded this contract for $3,000,000 over 3 years.  He participated as a reader for the U.S. Department of Education for the 21 CCLC grants and found this to be a valuable learning experience in applying for the funds.

This successful proposal is available for your review by downloading in PDF format (view with free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Click on the link below:

Don is a highly successful grant writer. Check out his Web site for ways he may be able to help you become a more successful grant seeker! (www.northrim.net/ddavis)

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Comprehensive School Reform: Improving Teaching and Learning
Dr. Gary Frye shares this complete proposal with us.  This grant is for Federal funds that flowed through the Texas Education Agency. Unlike many of the samples here, this one includes budgets as well as narrative.  This proposal was written for an exemplary campus with good standardized testing (TAAS) scores. 

Because Gary is both a very successful grant writer (and therefore has many successful proposals to share) and very generous, this is one of many proposals he has shared with SchoolGrants.  His willingness to share with everyone has helped innumerable others see what goes into writing a winning proposal.  Thank you, Gary!!

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Excellence in Learning Through Technology Proposal
Kay Shepherd wrote the following grant for Nederland Middle Senior High School in Nederland, Colorado for equipment and tools for learning in their science laboratory, training for teachers, curriculum for students and to provide analysis of student progress.

Thanks, Kay, for sharing your proposal with us!

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Reach for the Stars
Julie Colaw shares this proposal she wrote for funding through the West Virginia NASA Space Grant Consortium.  The proposal was fully-funded. Julie's proposal can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF format).
Because Julie's Reach for the Stars proposal is fairly short but is a good illustration of various grant components, it is duplicated online. This proposal is an excellent tool to use in grant writing workshops!

Thanks so much for sharing, Julie!

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Foreign Language Assistance Grant
Cecilia Navarro Tanner, Senior Grant Writer for California's Chula Vista Elementary School District, has generously shared a successful Foreign Language Assistance Program proposal with SchoolGrants.

Cecilia, thanks a million!


Dr. Jim Boyd shares this successful federal grant proposal with us.  The Foreign Language Assistance Grant opportunity is offered through the U.S. Department of Education.  Federal grant applications are lengthy.  Because the size of the proposal prevents us from displaying it online, Jim's proposal is available for download in Adobe's PDF format: 


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Learn and Serve (Concept Paper)
This one page concept paper is shared with us by Dr. Jim Boyd. The concept paper was submitted to the Georgia Department of Education. Submissions are reviewed and those that receive  the highest ratings are invited to make a 15 minute presentation to a review committee followed by 15 minutes of discussion. Specific projects are selected from the interview process for full proposal development. 

You may download this concept paper in PDF format by clicking here. It is also duplicated below.


  1. Like other rural communities, Haralson County suffers from a lack of wholesome activities and communication of existing activity resources for young people to be involved in. The students at the alternative school, in planning for this application, recognized that this lack of activity contributed to their experiencing difficulties "staying out of trouble" and came up with the concept of providing a clearing house service for meeting the communication aspects of this need. Another related need revolves around demonstrating the links between what they are learning and its application in the real world. Their idea has clear links to the English / Language Arts (composition/journalism/communications skills), Computer Skills ( word processing / desktop publishing / graphic arts and design), and Mathematics ( budgeting / cost comparison / dimensions).

  2. Forty crossroads alternative school students, grades 6-12 will be involved in providing the service.

  3. The students will provide this service for the agencies and organizations in the community who are involved in addressing this need and especially for their same age peers, countywide. In a very real sense, they will also be providing a valuable service for the community at large and for the parents of their peers and for their own. This service has the potential for having a real impact on the problems associated with having young people largely unsupervised and undirected.

  4. The students will gather information regarding activities, social events, and other opportunities to be engaged in wholesome happenings from area providers (i.e. churches, youth organizations, parks and recreation, youth service agencies, etc.) and then compose, publish, and disseminate their news letter to area schools to be handed out to their peers and passed along to parents.

  5. The alternative school director, the learn and serve VISTA, and the director of the Haralson Coalition for Children Youth and Families (HCCYF) will be the primary participating personnel. The VISTA member has participated in the Leadership for the Service Learner conference, the Southeastern Service Learning Conference, and several related staff development activities provided locally. The alternative school director has been provided with several opportunities for orientation to the service learning concept and how the process works in schools. The HCCYF director has been a participant in two workshops and has been exposed to the direct applications in area schools.

  6. First, the HCCYF will act as a partner and is qualified because its membership is representative of all youth service and activity providers. Both local school systems (Haralson County and Bremen City) will also serve and are qualified by past experience with learn and serve program operations and by the direction they can provide in the area of journalism and other potential curriculum links. Finally the Haralson Chamber of Commerce will act as a partner and is uniquely qualified on two fronts. The chamber membership fills in the gaps in potential agency and organization interaction in this service process, and the Chamber director was a coordinator of service learning activities and partnership development in one of the local school systems for three years prior to assuming her present position.

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